Our governance framework

At BlueScope, we strive to live by the values expressed in Our Bond.  Created by our own people, Our Bond has guided how we work with our stakeholders and how we make decisions since the Company was established in 2002. It is from Our Bond and the values expressed there that all of our Company’s policies, processes and approaches are driven.

Our Bond is therefore the foundation for our robust governance framework of forums, measures and guidance - a framework ensuring that accountability for many matters, including sustainability strategy, is understood and enacted from the Board through to all employees.

In addition, BlueScope's Guide to Business Conduct sets the principles that govern how our people should behave when conducting business on BlueScope's behalf.  Information on how to report suspected business misconduct is available here.

Sustainability Governance Framework


More on our approach to governing sustainability at BlueScope, including our governing bodies and how they interact, and how we manage health, safety and environment, tax and risk. This is part of our overall Corporate Governance framework

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Policies and Positions


A list of the key policies and positions that help to enact our Sustainable Governance framework, by setting standards of behaviour expected of a sustainable business. This is part of our overall Corporate Governance framework

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