Climate change action

Driving fundamental shifts in our sector

Climate change action is one of BlueScope's five sustainability outcomes. These outcomes reflect the sustainability challenges and opportunities that matter most to our stakeholders and will drive our success.   And they form the basis of our FY2020 Sustainability Report.

We are well placed to respond to the challenges presented by climate change, as we develop commitments and establish key partnerships to drive fundamental shifts in our sector. Our integrated approach to climate change risk, emissions reduction and emerging opportunities strengthens our outlook for the future.

Working with our customers and our broader supply network and research institutions, we keep innovating to produce highly valued sustainable products which form part of a critical circular economy.

For many years now, BlueScope has strongly advocated for a fair and equitable approach to addressing climate change to deliver real reductions in global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We acknowledge that steelmaking generates GHG emissions and we continue to work diligently to improve the efficiency of our operations and reduce emissions.

BlueScope recognises that water is a scarce resource and that future supplies will be affected by population growth and climate change. Our commitment to manage water use is reflected in our climate risk and opportunity business plans, and we continue to optimise water monitoring, reduce use and improve discharge quality. 

Climate change is a key pillar of our corporate strategy and we are committed to a 12 per cent reduction in our GHG emissions intensity by 2030. Our climate change strategy focuses on these areas:

  • Reduce our carbon intensity in time frames aligned with key investment decisions
  • Create carbon efficient solutions for our customers
  • Use renewable energy and credible carbon offsets cost effectively
  • Making the case for local, sustainable steel in our communities
  • Monitor external developments and engage with key stakeholders.

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Our sustainable products


Working with our customers, our broader supply network and research institutions, our optimised product forms part of a critical circular economy.

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Environmental management

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Committed to protecting the environment and being a responsible neighbour, we operate our facilities according to rigorous health, safety and environmental management systems and defined risk control practices.

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