Committed to sustainability

We're continuing to adapt to the opportunities and challenges of sustainability

BlueScope’s FY2019 Sustainability Report follows our progress in building resilience and building a future – for steel, for our company, for our stakeholders and for our people.  

Our sustainability reporting explains the work we are doing to ensure BlueScope is alert, responsive and adapting to every aspect of our ever-changing environment.

Steel plays a critical role in the sustainable development of our society. 

To BlueScope, sustainability means developing, manufacturing and selling steel products and solutions in a manner that provides for a sustainable future. This requires a focus on continuous improvement, adopting new operating methods and anticipating new products to support the future needs of a sustainable society.

BlueScope is committed to continuous improvement. The long term growth of our company is underscored by the sustainability of steel and the critical role it will play in supporting a sustainable society. We take a life cycle approach, looking at the impact of a product over its entire life and focus on the four principles of a circular economy: reduce, reuse, remanufacture and recycle.

Our steel products and services are continuously evolving and improving to ensure we contribute all we can to the opportunities and challenges created by society’s move towards a lower carbon economy. We know that to deliver true long-lasting value and meet the expectations of all our stakeholders, our business must continue transforming on all fronts.

Sustainability is integral to the way we do business.

Our approach to sustainability is underpinned by the values and principles described in Our Bond, and is aligned to the principles of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact and informed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Always guided by Our Bond and our Guide to Business Conduct, we are determined to do what’s right. We act in the best interests of our business, people and stakeholders, behave ethically and honour our environmental and economic responsibilities. Our determination to do what's right bolsters our resilience no matter what the challenge. 

BlueScope’s Statement on Human Rights sets out our human rights commitments to our people who work with us.  Importantly we recognise that our partnerships with suppliers are crucial in ensuring the social, environmental and ethical risks inherent in our global supply chains are managed according to the values inherent in Our Bond.

Our Responsible Sourcing Standard has been designed to ensure we have sustainable sourcing practices that create, protect and grow long-term environmental, social and economic value for all those involved in bringing BlueScope’s products and services to market. 

BlueScope is an active member of various industry associations.  Membership allows BlueScope and peer companies to jointly address long term, global issues such as lower-emissions steelmaking technology. More information on BlueScope and industry associations is available here.

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